Coming from a Military family, Todd has been all over the United States.  His family finally settled in Santee in 1990, where he went to High School at Santana, and later went on to Christian Heritage College, where he majored in Biblical Studies.  It was at Christian Heritage in 1996, where Todd met Sarah, and the two would be married in the Spring of 1998. They’ve been married for more than 20 years, and have two teenagers.

Todd has been in the Ministry for more than 20+ years, and has had nearly every job you can have in a Church, which has given him insight into the needs of every kind of family, whether they are single, have little ones, older ones, or ones that don’t live at home anymore.  Combine that with his love of Santee and the rest of East County San Diego, and you can be sure that Riverview will be the kind of Church that can meet the needs of your family too!